On Too-True Teachery Things

New Classroom Rules

I will betray myself as a jaded classroom teacher in the thick of it with how much I appreciate this other teacher’s writing, and I am especially tickled by rules 1, 2, and 3. And 5.

5. When I say “Pass your papers up,” what I really mean is, “Pass your paper to the person either to the left or right of you. Or behind you. Or just keep your paper at your desk; it doesn’t matter.”

It’s a sarcasm kind of day. Maybe it means we’ve reached a new hurdle when we can make fun of school with a loving sarcasm and throw up our hands and move on. Somewhere I think is the right balance between an exasperated throw-of-the-hands and a healthy-boundary-feigning-to-leave-work-at-work. I marvel at my own growth in this. I leave a lot more work at work now, year 3. And I bring home a lot less guilt. But it sure does get to me when simple directions, “pass your papers up,” yield all manner of responses, ranging from – yes – the intended behavior, to straight disregard, to games that reward the most papers thrown and magically landed atop each other. Thanks, Julio and Alan.

Also: work on that whole “follow through with consequences when kids don’t follow your directions” bit.

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